Pseudo watermarks on paper

More precisely, a first layer may be formed in which a first watermark or pseudo-watermark is created, a second layer may be formed in which a second watermark or pseudo-watermark is created, and an interlayer may be placed between said first and second layers. These security elements comprise, for example, colored fibers or flakes, totally or partially metalized or printed wires.

The rolls of the calender can be heated, but in any event the friction produced by the calender generates heat. The first and second layers together with the interlayer were assembled together hot at the softening temperature of the laminating film, with or without pressure being applied, the printability layers being situated on the outside of the sheet, so that the interlayer was sandwiched between the first and second layers and so that the first and second pseudo-watermarks were superposed, for example.

That extruded polymer layer formed the interlayer 6, with its diffusing nature coming from its surface irregularity. Furthermore, in order to increase the level of security of the security documents and to make them more difficult to forge, it is also known practice to incorporate integrated microcircuit devices therein, in particular RFID radio frequency identification devices.

Two internal leaves of the sectional document can be formed from one and the same leaf folded on itself and linked along a fold line to form the two internal leaves. A sheet according to claim 37, said interlayer being a layer including cavities.

Watermark or Pseudo-Watermark

Generally, grilles can be of the kind supercalender, soft calender also called elastic or smooth. When the rewetting step, the solution replaces the air in said interstices.

To dry the paper which has just received the coating, it is possible, in particular, to use infrared dryers, conventional drying cylinders optionally surmounted by a high speed hot air blowing hood, or hot air tunnels.

In addition, wet methods of watermarking require the use of expensive implementation means, such as watermarking rolls, that are specific to each type of watermark. Hit the backspace to delete the surrounding white.

The fibrous layer may include one or more fibrous webs assembled, in particular by counter-gluing or by assembly in the wet part of the paper machine when producing said fibrous layer.

As a variant, the integrated microcircuit device may be incorporated totally in the substructure. We obtain a paper with marks according to the pattern similar to a translucent shaded watermark.

Warp, Weft, Watermark, Wood

The invention also provides a method of fabricating said sheet. A sheet comprising a recto face and a verso face and at least one watermark or pseudo-watermark and such that at least part of said watermark or pseudo-watermark is observable in transmitted light from only one of the faces of said sheet.

In a preferred embodiment of the invention, the polymer layer may be in the form of a film. A blog about thrifty DIY renovations, simple crafts and happy augustus proposal dissertation household tips.

The integrated microcircuit device may be incorporated at least partially in a fibrous layer.


Identity cards that are made of plastic including an RFID device and are produced from an assembly of polymeric layers are known for example. In practice, to ensure that opaqueness contrast is clearly visible by viewing with transmitted light, it is preferable during the re-wetting operation for the re-wetting solution to penetrate down to the fiber medium.

Preferably, the rewetting solution is applied using a device of the type used in printing processes especially ink jet printing processes by inkjet on coil being understood that one replaces said ink by said aqueous solution of rewet. Thus, a portion of the watermark or pseudo-watermark is visible from only one face of the sheet, whereas another portion the portion that is not covered by the interlayer is visible from both faces of the sheet in transmitted light.

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That provided a sheet of the invention such that, when observed in transmitted light, the first and second watermarks were both observable in combined manner on the first fiber layer side and also on the second fiber layer side, outside the strip corresponding to the interlayer.

The calendering operation does not give rise to additional costs insofar as all high-quality coated papers, even when matte, are, in practice, calendered. Watermark s or Pseudo-Watermark s The structure may include a watermark borne by the fibrous layer and at least partially superposed on the translucent region of the substructure, so that the watermark can be observed in light transmitted through the structure in the translucent region only from the face of the structure situated on the side of the fibrous layer, that is to say, from the face of the structure opposite the one in contact with the substructure.

Such a document presents a number of drawbacks, notably that it is almost impossible to be able to personalize the document after manufacture. The present invention relates to flexographic printing processes. The ridges and reliefs are flattened more or less strongly during the transition between the rollers and the sheet is densified.

It is, therefore, an object of the present invention to provide a watermark printing system and formulation that does not yellow with age.

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Preferably using a calender having 2 to 6 rollers and optionally with a plastic coating for its impermeability to the re-wetting solution.Pseudo watermarks on paper, A watermark will also read backwards from the wire side.

Paper Types Terminology of paper industry — Anchor Print, Nelson 31 May Paper which has received a coating on one or both sides providing an even Clients can have their own watermark put into a sheet if required.

Hilversum: The Paper Publications Society, 4to. pseudo-parchment-backed decorated paper-covered limp boards. 46 pages followed by plates of watermarks.

First edition, limited to copies. Publication of the work of Captain T. Lassen with additional notes by Voorn. Oct 07,  · The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a coated paper having at least one mark resembling a watermark, the method being characterized in that said mark is made after the drying ste.

Nov 25,  · The invention relates to a sheet having a recto face and a verso face together with at least one watermark or pseudo-watermark and such that at least part of said watermark or pseudo-watermark is observable in transmitted light from only one of the faces of said sheet.

Oct 07,  · Coated paper including a pseudo-watermark, and a method of manufacture “Pseudo-watermarks” can be made by means of a compound which is caused to penetrate in or to be printed on determined zones of the paper and which acts by making the mat of fibers constituting the sheet of paper more transparent on a permanent basis, or by.

On a recent visit to the hardware store, I noticed all of the paint swatches and decided they needed to be woven into this sheet of handmade cotton paper, which has a pseudo watermark .

Pseudo watermarks on paper
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