Business strategy turkish airlines

Additionally, having the biggest domestic network and seamless international and domestic passenger transit capabilities added further competitive advantages for Turkish Airlines. The Turkish aircrafts are used for providing trainings, which are given in the headquarter Istanbul.

However, Turkish Airlines is also aware of the fact that operating just as a network carrier is not aligned with their vision to become a leading airline operator not only in Europe, but also in the World. Thus, it gives insight about the quality of services as well. Flow of the course was very well organized and the mentor was very helpful in answering questions thoroughly.

Apart from flight services it also offers training to cadets. Turkish Airlines had no rivalry in domestic routes and had a low competitive landscape, as city-pairings to Istanbul for foreign carriers were not as important.

During seasonal festivals, world famous orchestras, chorale ensembles, concerts and jazz legends can be found often playing to a full house. Although major chunk of revenue comes from Europe operations.

As seen from the table below, the industry has six players besides Turkish Airlines and each airline seems to be strategizing on one topic. Therefore, Turkish Airlines is also focused on improving and growing its operations as a service carrier. Hence this completes the marketing mix of Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

Another important factor that supports the strong financials is the revenue-expense profile of the company. THY offers a remarkable hospitality to its customers, for the long journeys. These are efficiently trained for safe services and maintain peace and order inside the flights, if need be.

Turkish Airlines aircrafts are the great physical evidence of the brand. Target Market Market segmentation will allow Turkish Airlines to concentrate its resources in markets where its competitive advantage is at its greatest and hence its returns are highest.

It sponsored kits for football clubs in UEFA champions league. A highly efficient tracking system, and the wide range of countries that are covered, makes it a very profitable service for the company.

BA serves more than destinations around the world some of which on code share bases with One World partner airlines. Flights frequencies are another advantage that boosts passengers flying the airline to increase enormously.

Upon the entry of new players into the Turkish aviation industry, new players chose one of the options outlined above, as it is very difficult to implement two strategies under one firm.

As Turkey’s Tourism Industry Suffers, Turkish Airlines Shifts its Strategy

This gives a better comfort to the customers, as travelers get accustomed to the environment that THY offers. As stated in our class discussion, when two or more firms compete, the winner is often the firm with the largest installed base, thereby enhancing value of networks and attracting more customers.

Goals and Objectives Turkish Airlines main goal is to become the most preferred operator on flights to Turkey and beyond for both leisure and business travellers. Turkish Airlines promise to offer best of services insight the flight.

The best physical evidence is of course number of tickets sold, all the year round. By expanding its capacity, Turkish Airlines made a tough commitment.Turkish Airlines won this year's awards for best business-class lounge and best lounge dining, while Austrian Airlines won the award for best business-class onboard catering.

As Turkey’s Tourism Industry Suffers, Turkish Airlines Shifts its Strategy unaware that he’s talking to the head of Turkish Airlines, has other concerns. would be a boon for business.

Turkish Airlines is continuing its strategy of using Istanbul as a bridge between the East and West, although a lot is riding on improvements to its business class product, whenever they emerge. Conclusion Turkish Airlines market presence will be achieved by relying on the strategy of identifying and serving well both leisure and business market.

as they have acted as a key generator of sales for other airlines. An IATA Certificate of Completion is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 70% or higher on all exercises and exams.

A special distinction is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 90% or higher. Airline Business models and Competitive Strategies was my second IATA course. I have to. Turkish Airlines (International): Major travelers through international airlines are business travelers and hence, the first class and Business class is very efficiently managed by THY.

THY offers a remarkable hospitality to its customers, for the long journeys.

Business strategy turkish airlines
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